• It's a Mod thing M51 parka faux hood
  • It's a Mod thing M51 parka faux hood

It's a Mod thing M51 parka faux hood

  • Stunning Reproduction Of The M51 Mod Fishtail Parka Coat
  • Brand: It's a Mod thing
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This is a stunning remake of the classic M-1951 Mod Fishtail Parka. We tested the competition by literally buying a parka from every supplier we came across. Some were half decent, some were complete rubbish, but they all had silly defects which made them not right. Why try and replicate the most iconic coat on the planet and get silly things wrong? No, we could not understand it neither. Anyway, this is by far the best currently on the market within this price range. Yes, there are a few alterations that could be made to improve the coat further, but the most important component, the material, is spot on. Most are plain cotton, but authentic U.S. Military parka's were a cotton and nylon mix, known as cotton twill, or poplin. It is not produced these days and therefore is not readily available. Hence the reason as to why most High Street versions are plain cotton. The material has also been water repellent (Quarpel) treated which is another vital element missed by many. Quite simply this is a beautiful coat which comes complete with an authentic M65 parka liner which is warm, quilted and detachable.

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